Code of Conduct

Members will respect each other at all times, even in disagreement.

While all members are free to debate and disagree on topics of interest, at no time will personal insults, threats, or attacks of any kind be tolerated. Members are expected to conduct themselves as civilized adults and maintain control of their emotional reactions.

Members will conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Members are expected to maintain good honorable standing in their dealings with other members and in the wider world. No one wants to associate with dishonorable individuals completely lacking in integrity or character. Misrepresenting others’ work as your own is one example of dishonorable behavior not to be tolerated. Additionally, members may at times form marketing partnerships and may share money. Members who prove dishonorable are a liability at such times and disrupt the stability of the group. Members who cannot maintain honorable behavior have no place within this organization.

Members will work diligently toward improving themselves in the author craft.

There is no universal standard for success among authors. Some work to earn fame and wealth, while others focus on the artistry of their expression. While all members are free to set their own definition of success, each member is expected to be working consistently toward improving themselves in some way which leads toward that success. The simplest way to track this is with weekly goal-setting and accountability about the previous week’s goals. The point is not to shame people, but to encourage authors to maintain consistent productivity by allowing them to set their own goals and then developing urgency by knowing their progress will be noticed by their fellows. One week of poor productivity will not get a person removed from the group, but members should expect to discuss their hangups and challenges in terms conducive to learning to overcome them and increase their productivity.

Members will respect this group’s privacy.

Authors may at times choose to share portions from works in progress, unannounced titles, copy, or book covers for the sake of feedback from more knowledgeable and practiced fellows. Members are expected to maintain privacy about other members’ unannounced projects and not share this information anywhere outside of the group. Additionally, some authors may choose to remain anonymous online but share personal details within the group. Members are expected to maintain the personal privacy of each member.

Violating any of these rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the group and termination of membership without refund, subject solely to Adam Lane Smith’s personal discretion.