Johnny Depp & Amber Heard | How to Avoid the Relationship Turd | Adam Lane Smith

We’ve all heard the shocking Johnny Depp and Amber Heard relationship allegations. A lot of men and women are asking, how do I keep myself safe from dating partners like that? Because dating toxic and abusive partners can ruin your life.

If you want to dodge the Amber Heard turd moments, Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith can show you how. Through his experience counseling couples and now working 1 on 1 with attachment consults, Adam has heard worse than Amber Heard stories, and he’s about to teach you the dating red flags and warning signs on you need to watch for so you don’t become the next Johnny Depp.

This video is part of an ongoing series about attachment.

Want to dodge the Amber Heard turd and avoid dating fumbles like Johnny Depp? Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith will show you how. Once you learn these warning signs, you can explore your dating life with confidence instead of waiting for the next Amber Heard turd moment to happen.