8 warning signs you’re in a toxic relationship | Adam Lane Smith

8 warning since you re in a toxic relationship, as presented by an Attachment Specialist. If you’re in a toxic relationship but aren’t sure, this must-see guide will reveal how to tell. I’m Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith and I’ve helped hundreds of clients wake up from toxic relationships and escape from unhealthy situations. To do that, you’ve got to learn the warning signs. These 8 warning signs in particular are what to watch out for if you want to stay safe.

Watch for these 8 red flags. If you see them, you could be in a toxic relationship. But you might never know that if you’ve never learned about the warning signs. That’s why I put together this video guide. Toxic relationships don’t have to be mysterious anymore. If you’re in a toxic relationship, use these 8 red flag warnings signs to wake up and protect yourself.

This video is part of an ongoing series about attachment.

As an Attachment Specialist, I’ve seen all of these 8 warning signs blow up into serious dangers. If you don’t know what to look for you’ve got to learn about these toxic relationship red flags. They could make the difference between you wasting years on a toxic relationship or getting out and finding real love. And even if you want to fix your relationship to go from toxic to healthy, these 8 warning signs will show you what needs to change.