Relationship Rescue Package

Relationship Rescue Package


Worried about your romantic relationship? Let’s fix it together.

Do you feel that your romantic relationship is on the cusp of disaster, but just can’t let go? Overwhelmed by problems, but don’t know how to fix them, or where to start? If you want to avoid breaking up, you need immediate, targeted solutions. We can work together to repair the damage, fix resentment and lay a new foundation for success. I’ll show you the true cause of your relationship’s crisis, empower you to solve problems with powerful relationship tools, and show you how to rescue your love.

Select this eight-session package to learn how to:

  • Master communication
  • Satisfy needs
  • Manage concerns
  • Handle the tension
  • Address resentments in a healthy way
  • Build your relationship as a team
  • Decrease the severity and frequency of fights
  • Mend the wounds you’ve inflicted on each other
  • Rebuild trust where it’s been damaged
  • Rekindle emotional and physical intimacy
  • Prevent future disasters by building a self-correcting relationship
  • Run your relationship like a pro
  • Build a relationship driven by purpose and goals you both want
  • And build an intimate bond that can last a lifetime.

If you’re tired of the fighting and want to get back to loving each other, book this coaching package right now and let’s make it happen.

Please note: My solution-focused coaching style is geared best to a one-on-one setting with individuals. At this time, I cannot accept bookings with multiple individuals at the session.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.