Course + 8 Pack Coaching

Course + 8 Pack Coaching


The Attachment Bootcamp

Relationship Rescue Package

Select this eight-session package to learn how to:

  • Master communication
  • Satisfy needs
  • Manage concerns
  • Handle the tension
  • Address resentments in a healthy way
  • Build your relationship as a team
  • Decrease the severity and frequency of fights
  • Mend the wounds you’ve inflicted on each other
  • Rebuild trust where it’s been damaged
  • Rekindle emotional and physical intimacy
  • Prevent future disasters by building a self-correcting relationship
  • Run your relationship like a pro
  • Build a relationship driven by purpose and goals you both want
  • And build an intimate bond that can last a lifetime.

If you’re tired of the fighting and want to get back to loving each other, book this coaching package right now and let’s make it happen.

Please note: My solution-focused coaching style is geared best to a one-on-one setting with individuals. At this time, I cannot accept bookings with multiple individuals at the session.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.