Couples Coaching Package

Couples Coaching Package


Want to boost your relationship with healthy attachment? I’m ready to help.

This coaching package connects the couple with Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith for 6 coaching sessions. This coaching will be based on my 15 years of experience and training in Psychology, relationships, and attachment, including my years as a couples therapist. This is not therapy but specialized coaching to improve your performance as a couple, build you solutions, and show you how to create the relationship you want at accelerated speed. Because when you’re hurting as a couple, you need someone to help you to fix it fast.

To begin, we will work together to address your needs in an introduction session, including a full assessment of your challenges and gaps as a couple. By the end of that session we will build a plan to move forward together. You will know what to expect and how we can resolve your issues.

Then the couple will split and engage in 2 individual coaching sessions each with Adam. In these individual sessions we will address the skill trainings and mindset shifts necessary for the couple to overcome their concerns and work together as a cooperative team.

Finally, the couple will come back together with Adam in the sixth and final session to discuss the changes the couple has experienced and how their emotional intimacy, trust, and bonding has improved. Further concerns can be discussed and advice for next steps will be provided.

To get started, purchase this package and schedule your first session together with Adam. The booking schedule will follow purchase.

Select this six-session coaching package to unlock four sessions where I’ll teach you how to:

  • Improve communication
  • Respect needs
  • Express concerns
  • Build a shared language as a couple
  • Deescalate tension and stop fights
  • Improve emotional and physical intimacy
  • Avoid affairs and divorce
  • And build a lifetime love that lasts

If you’re ready to boost your relationship to the next level, sign up for this package and get started today.