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On deck now: Silver Dragoon.

Monsters slaughtered his mother. Now they’re hunting him to finish the job.

Life is already hard enough in this underground hellscape of a city buried beneath the scorched ruins of America. This fistfighting chef is content with his meager life dishing up stylish meals to feed his fellow corporate slaves. But when brutal monsters threaten his family, a twisted ghost peels the haunted silver dragoon armor off a nearby corpse and welds the metal straight to Edgar’s flesh, blessing and cursing him with the arcane power of ancient Atlantis.

Now an undying horror stalks him in the dark. With his family, his vengeance, and his very soul on the line, Edgar must choose between dying on his knees or embracing his role as heir to the calamity his enemies fear most.

Let the hunt begin.

WARNING: This story depicts scenes of intense violence and deep psychological trauma.

Jump into this hot new thriller LitRPG series and hold on for the fast-paced ride of a lifetime.

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