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Write Like a Beast Deluxe System

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Write Like A Beast is a proven system to help anyone increase their writing speed, boost their quality, and pump out more written material that will captivate readers.

Start pounding out high word counts at speeds that will make your competition beg to learn your secrets.

No more staring at the blank page wondering what to write.

No more writer’s block.

Just fastconsistentquality work at the speed of light.

Write Like a Beast is designed to help writers in every genre and medium produce consistent high word counts with relentless stamina.

Do you crave focus and discipline?

Do you yearn to learn to harness your brain and make it productive even on lazy days?

Do you want to learn to push beyond your current limits and smash out words so fast people stare in awe?

For just $99 you get a system that will keep you productive, consistent, and disciplined for the rest of your life.

Grab this course if you want to learn to write fiction and nonfiction at a blistering pace.

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Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross – Just 99 cents!


Demons and Necromancers haunt a burnt and blasted future in the ruins of what was once America.

A holy crusader sworn to slaughter the dark cults of Ba’al the Ever-Hungry must rescue a band of innocent children with his blade and blood-soaked gauntlets, or die trying.

All of Hell thirsts for his blood, but a man of God will never be broken. This holy crusader’s vengeance will be brutal.

The first book in a new heavy metal Christian pulp series.

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