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Dark Christian Cyberpunk

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My hot new series, Neon Knights, is a Christian cyberpunk story set under the ruins of Los Angeles. A demonic apocalypse ravaged the surface, and now humanity huddles in 9 neon-soaked layers of descending caverns deep within the earth where scraps of technology barely hold together. Jax Vega, a grim man with a dark past, spends his perpetual nights as a bouncer at a zero-gravity strip club run by the local syndicate. “Day and night, I’m haunted by the ghost of the stripper whose corpse I helped bury,” Jax says. When the ghost returns, this time armed with heavy firepower, Jax’s neon world turns blood red.

Just $5 gets you behind-the-scenes access to this brutal story of drugs, violence, and faith. Click here to grab access and jump into the story.



Enter the world of Savage Hunters, my newest fantasy light novel series.

Giant monsters roam the land.

Civilization is frozen in a savage age. For one young hunter named Alden, power and survival are one and the same. An ancient evil once ravaged his village and murdered his ancestors. Now the darkness has returned. At the same time, politics hurls Alden into gladiator pit battles for control of the throne.

When Alden takes possession of a cursed sword promising untold power, the hunter is determined to save his people by slaying every giant monster standing between him and the throne. But the angry ghost trapped inside the blade has other ideas.

Just $10 gets you 3 novels, and $20 gets you all six of my current fiction novels at once. The campaign clock is running out, so jump in while you still have time.


Level up your Gear

My Teespring store is in full swing. Drop by to grab some superb merchandise, from book covers to logos to ridiculous memes.


Looking to declare yourself for the Deus Vult Wastelanders crusade? Or lament the loss of Harambe? We’ve got you covered. Stop on by for some sweet deals.