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My Best Selling Book: Slaying Your Fear

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“My friends just pretend to like me.”

“I toss and turn all night worrying about what I’m gonna say. I even worry about worrying.”

“I always feel so lonely, even when I’m around people. Especially when I’m around people.”

“There’s nothing about me that deserves love.”

If depression feels like trying to swim with weights on your ankles, insecurity feels like living in a house that’s constantly experiencing earthquakes. No matter how many times you set things up they come crumbling down again, and you’re constantly racing around trying to brace up things that look like they’re about to fall. The floor shakes under you and wobbles your every step. Even moments of peace are frightening because you don’t know when the shaking will come back twice as hard. Life is spent wondering if this is the day the ceiling finally crashes down and buries you.

Insecure people even worry about their worrying. Starting to worry sets off a reaction of nervousness about how worried they’re going to become and how much of their day the worrying is going to swallow.

Insecurity is a deadly threat. It eats away at you and turns every social engagement into a chance to make a mistake and lose everything. Insecurity runs you down until you’re too exhausted to leave your house and the joy is sucked from your life.

Retired psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith lays out a comprehensive plan to help individuals combat the effects of insecurity, attacking this personal anxiety at the root. Adam has taught this method to mental health providers across the USA, and has personally walked clients through crushing their insecurity and building a life full of joy.

Arm yourself with a host of new tools and perspectives, seize control of your life, and finally slay the monster of destructive insecurity.

Available here on Amazon.