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I built my new Attachment Bootcamp course to present the 10 simple steps you need to change your attachment. It’s the clearest attachment resource available for repairing your attachment from start to finish and boosting your connection with your loved ones for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re looking to establish a lifelong bond with your current partner or to maximize your chances in dating, I can give you the answers you’re looking for.

I’m Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith. I’ve been studying Psychology, attachment, and relationships for 14 years.

My social media work receives millions of views each month and hundreds of thousands of hours of viewing time, and I’ve connected with 300,000 followers worldwide. I’ve helped my clients and followers alike address every challenge a human being can face:
Many clients come to me to resolve gaps in their communication skills or bonding abilities. Most of them never learned to connect with others or get their needs met, and they need a thorough course in how relationships are supposed to work. I teach them what to expect, how to get what they need, and how to build long-lasting relationships they can trust.
Entrepreneurs and business owners who secretly battle insecurity hire me to help them stop sabotaging their relationships and their business. They can’t say no to pushy customers, they overwork to compensate for a bad marriage at home, or they’re afraid of a looming divorce wrecking what they’ve built I show them how to boost their relationship skills both at home and in the workplace to build a great marriage and business at the same time.
Plenty of clients come in with addictions of every sort, terrified their partner will find out or just hating the control that addiction has over their life. I show them how broken attachment lies at the heart of their addictive behaviors and how to break free by improving their relationships. Through the coaching process, they end their addiction cycle and build new accountability into their lives.
My favorite work is with people who’ve lived for decades with the belief that they will never be loved. They’ve been hurt over and over, and now they want to believe in attachment but it’s so hard to make themselves open up. I teach them how to connect with their friends or family in the ways they always wished they could. Together, we overcome decades of pain and loneliness to finally find peace and love.

Attachment Bootcamp!

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