I’ve launched a Patreon to fund ongoing installments of new Deus Vult Wastelanders stories. The Kickstarter system is fantastic and I’ll likely use it to fund the two current existing story lines, Gideon Ira and Valkyrie Doll. But I needed a way to fund additional stories.

Introducing the first story line: Neon Knights. This will be dark Christian cyberpunk at its finest. The description from Patreon:

The first of these novels will be Neon Knights, a Christian cyberpunk story set under the ruins of Los Angeles. The demonic apocalypse ravaged the surface, and now humanity huddles in 9 neon-soaked layers of descending caverns deep within the earth where scraps of technology barely hold together. Jaxon Vega, a grim man with a dark past, spends his perpetual nights as a bouncer at a zero-gravity strip club run by the local syndicate. “Day and night, I’m haunted by the ghost of the stripper whose corpse I helped bury,” Jaxon says. When the ghost returns, this time armed with heavy firepower, Jaxon’s neon world turns blood red.

Just $5 gets access to the entire story in monthly installments, they same way serial pulp stories of old used to go out in magazines. Jump in now and get access to Neon Knights for less than the price of Netflix.

There are also a host of options for folks looking for advertising, help with writing, signed copies, and plenty of other cool rewards as you scale up the patron tiers.

Get behind-the-scenes access to the Deus Vult Wastelanders project for just $5 a month and help us make Christian fiction to inspire a new generation of heroes.

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