Exhausted Wives, Bewildered Husbands

Perfect for couples struggling with resentment and confusion.

A damaged man is incapable of love because he does not believe love will be freely given, only earned through works. He seeks false intimacy in lust and mistakes sex for acceptance. These men seek insecure women who believe themselves unlovable and who use sex to earn approval.

When these couples enter into marriage, unmet needs and secret expectations pile up until the relationship is full of festering resentment. Along come children who add greater urgency to fixing the emotional damage. But with no hope in sight, what can the couples do except march toward inevitable divorce?

Retired psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith walks couples through explanations and solutions to these problems. This short and simple book is designed to give couples the skills they need to repair a resentful and empty marriage. Through simple techniques, committed couples can alter their perspective, climb out of their trenches, and learn to work together in an intimate partnership.