Exhausted Wives, Bewildered Husbands

Perfect for couples struggling with resentment and confusion.

A damaged man is incapable of love because he does not believe love will be freely given, only earned through works. He seeks false intimacy in lust and mistakes sex for acceptance. These men seek insecure women who believe themselves unlovable and who use sex to earn approval.

When these couples enter into marriage, unmet needs and secret expectations pile up until the relationship is full of festering resentment. Along come children who add greater urgency to fixing the emotional damage. But with no hope in sight, what can the couples do except march toward inevitable divorce?

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Adam Lane Smith walks couples through explanations and solutions to these problems. This short and simple book is designed to give couples the skills they need to repair a resentful and empty marriage. Through simple techniques, committed couples can alter their perspective, climb out of their trenches, and learn to work together in an intimate partnership.

Maxwell Cain: Burrito Avenger

An action novel for fans of John Wick, Demolition Man, or Die Hard.

Maxwell Cain, also known as “Bloody Rain Cain,” is a cop fed up with the murderous hooligans who control the streets of San Pajita, California.

After years of public service, Max is fired for executing too many dirtbags, and he seeks solace at his favorite taqueria. When his comfort burrito is sullied by the careless actions of brutal thugs, Max finally snaps. What begins as an argument over a ruined lunch quickly spirals into a hurricane of blood and revenge.

Max is joined in his fight by the gorgeous Kate Valentine, a baker with an itchy trigger finger. As the two rush into battle against an entire criminal organization, they are hunted by the relentless terror of the seedy underworld: Johnny Legion.

This book is designed to feel like watching a classic 80s or 90s American action flick.

Slaying Your Fear


“My friends just pretend to like me.”

“I toss and turn all night worrying about what I’m gonna say. I even worry about worrying.”

“I always feel so lonely, even when I’m around people. Especially when I’m around people.”

“There’s nothing about me that deserves love.”

Insecurity is a deadly threat. It eats away at you and turns every social engagement into a chance to make a mistake and lose everything. Insecurity runs you down until you’re too exhausted to leave your house and the joy is sucked from your life.

Psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith lays out a comprehensive plan to help individuals combat the effects of insecurity, attacking this personal anxiety at the root. Armed with a host of new tools and perspectives, seize control of your life and finally slay the monster of destructive insecurity.

Making Peace

Explosions, swordfights, psychology, and humor combine in this unique sci-fi/fantasy blend! It’s sword and sorcery on a dystopian colony planet.Interstellar romance author Belkan Candor has had a string of bestsellers, and his latest hit, My Mech, My Love, is flying off store shelves. When he takes a job as an embedded journalist with a peacekeeping organization, he expects a plush assignment with a big payout. What he gets is an exposé into human trauma and psychological pain, and a twisted conspiracy on an entire planet looking to stay off the grid.

Swords are swinging and magic is flinging, and Belkan is right in the center of it. Assassins, serial killers, prostitutes, and obsessed romance novel fans collide in a web of intrigue and violence which threatens to tear his world apart.

Will he survive, or will this novel be the death of him?

Savage Hunters Book 1: Ghostblade


Giant monsters roam the land.Teams of hunters use spirit magic to take down predators the size of buildings. The monsters devour metal to gain strength, and society is frozen in a savage age. Nothing can stop Human ingenuity, and the hunters soon discover a way to fashion giant weapons from metal-laced bones.

On the edge of the world, Sacram village has barely recovered from near annihilation by an ancient evil. But when that legendary malevolence returns during the political gladiator matches for the throne, Sacram tribe is torn between survival and power.

For one young Sacram hunter, power and survival are one and the same. And when he takes possession of a cursed weapon promising untold power, the hunter is determined to save his people by slaying every giant monster standing between him and the throne.


An ongoing series
Savage Hunters will be an ongoing Young Adult fantasy series. The first trilogy is in production now. The novels will be structured like Japanese light novels with internal illustrations.