Making Peace

Explosions, swordfights, psychology, and humor combine in this unique sci-fi/fantasy blend! It’s sword and sorcery on a dystopian colony planet.

Interstellar romance author Belkan Candor has had a string of bestsellers, and his latest hit, My Mech, My Love, is flying off store shelves. When he takes a job as an embedded journalist with a peacekeeping organization, he expects a plush assignment with a big payout. What he gets is an exposé into human trauma and psychological pain, and a twisted conspiracy on an entire planet looking to stay off the grid.

Swords are swinging and magic is flinging, and Belkan is right in the center of it. Assassins, serial killers, prostitutes, and obsessed romance novel fans collide in a web of intrigue and violence which threatens to tear his world apart.

Will he survive, or will this novel be the death of him?

Savage Hunters #1: Ghostblade

Giant monsters roam the land.

Teams of hunters use spirit magic to take down predators the size of buildings. The monsters devour metal to gain strength, and society is frozen in a savage age. Nothing can stop Human ingenuity, and the hunters soon discover a way to fashion giant weapons from metal-laced bones.

On the edge of the world, Sacram village has barely recovered from near annihilation by an ancient evil. But when that legendary malevolence returns during the political gladiator matches for the throne, Sacram tribe is torn between survival and power.

For one young Sacram hunter, power and survival are one and the same. And when he takes possession of a cursed weapon promising untold power, the hunter is determined to save his people by slaying every giant monster standing between him and the throne.

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