The Scheduled Murder of Men’s Entertainment

The latest God of War game assassinated one of the strongest male characters in modern storytelling. I’ve been a longtime fan of the franchise. It’s pure escapist entertainment. You load up the game, slaughter your way through countless men and monsters, bang a few goddesses, and generally stomp the earth into a shape more pleasing […]

Write killer content that sells products

Every morning I’m bored to death, and I hate it. I’m signed up to a ton of email lists, some of them friends and others gurus or mentors in various fields. With some writers, I expect the content to be terrible because I follow them to learn what not to do in my own writing. […]

How to write viral content

My social media brand is pretty distinctive: Family, food, and explosive chainsaw duels. I tend to get a few hundred likes on my posts, with a few climbing into the thousands and a handful nailing the 5 or 6 figure mark. I average a few million impressions per month, which is pretty decent for an […]

How to Sell Books

Most books sell less than 100 copies. Authors upload their precious works to Amazon and watch their sales numbers like a hawk. Their friends and family buy a handful of copies. Then sales flatline. Every week I get new authors asking me how to sell their books. Some are frustrated because they spent a thousand […]

Why Tropes are Good

A lot of modern storytellers, critics, and reviewer types lament these things called tropes, literary and rhetorical devices which appear frequently enough to be recognizable. The same goes for archetypes, characters of certain frequencies types (wise old granny, etc). The complaints go that tropes and archetypes are tired and old and no longer interesting. That […]

Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Why it happens, and why it wears so thin

The first recorded instance of passive-aggressive behavior took place shortly after the invention of fire. A man named Grog sat stoking the new fire, cackling with glee as he piled giant logs into the flames. Eventually, he’d created a raging inferno. Nearby, Thunk snarled at Grog for making the cave too hot. Annoyed, Grog hurled […]

Christian Cyberpunk announcement

I’ve launched a Patreon to fund ongoing installments of new Deus Vult Wastelanders stories. The Kickstarter system is fantastic and I’ll likely use it to fund the two current existing story lines, Gideon Ira and Valkyrie Doll. But I needed a way to fund additional stories. Introducing the first story line: Neon Knights. This will […]

The Deus Vult Wastelanders Project

Christian fiction has a problem. People tend to scoff at this genre. The cliche is that Christian fiction preaches to the choir and tries to convert the reader. Are non-believers likely to buy Christian fiction books? Aren’t the readers already Christian? If you start with a message and smear a thin layer of story over […]