Let me teach how to break the cycles of avoidance and build lifelong romance through the science of secure attachment





How to Love An Avoidant Man


Here’s the Shocking Truth: Many men crave intimacy but fear it!

Millions of women face the silent struggle of loving a man with an avoidant attachment style. It’s a common pattern where intimacy triggers a fear of commitment, leading to withdrawal and emotional unavailability.

That’s why I’ve combined my 15+ years of experience helping avoidant men and their partners into a single high-impact course that dives deep into the neuroscience & psychology of avoidant attachment. Let me equip you with the must-have knowledge, tools and strategies to create life-long, stable love where both of you feel secure and understood.

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is perfect for you if…

You’re feeling frustrated, exhausted and confused by your man’s hot and cold patterns
You want to understand your avoidant partner’s behaviors, neurochemistry and psychological challenges
You wish your avoidant partner was more open, emotionally intimate and fair with you
You want to bond, effectively communicate with, and get your needs met by your avoidant partner without triggering a flight response.

Let Me Give You the Skills to Build a Deep, Lasting Bond with Your Avoidant Partner

Develop skills to help him become more secure and emotionally open
Establish a strong, lifelong bond built on mutual respect and understanding
Master the art of open and honest conversations where you both feel truly heard and respected
Learn how to have your needs understood and met, ensuring a fair and balanced relationship

Experience the power of open and honest conversations, create a nurturing environment for emotional intimacy, and establish a resilient, lifelong bond rooted in respect, fairness, and mutual understanding.

Use My Proven Attachment Techniques to Create Emotional Intimacy & Safety In Your Relationship By:

Communicating your needs in a way that will help him understand and want to meet them
Managing and regulating your own emotional responses to his avoidant behavior and guide your relationship towards peace and understanding
Turning your relationship into a space where you both feel safe, present and understood

Reclaim Control Of Your Relationship!


7 Videos to Master Avoidant Relationships

Module 1 - Introduction: Understanding Avoidant Attachment

Learn the neuroscience of avoidant attachment and the psychological behaviors associated with it, allowing you to interact with empathy and build a foundation of trust, ultimately reducing their fear of commitment and fostering a deeper connection.

Module 2 - What is Avoidant Attachment?

Define the detailed psychological and neurochemical profile of avoidant individuals, rooted in scientific data and professional experience. Use this knowledge to decode why avoidant individuals behave the way they do and how to depersonalize their behaviors to avoid triggering a defensive response.

Module 3 - Protecting the Relationship

Master strategies to manage your avoidant partner's flight response and cultivate a stable, low-stress environment. Learn how to set clear expectations and communicate in a way that feels comfortable and safe, emphasizing fairness and predictability.

Module 4 - Getting Your Needs Met

Develop effective communication skills to clearly express and negotiate your needs with your avoidant partner, ensuring they are heard and met, leading to a mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Module 5 - Opening Up Emotional Intimacy

Discover powerful techniques to guide your avoidant partner towards deeper emotional connection. Learn how to create a safe and trusting space where both of you can openly share feelings and needs, fostering a truly fulfilling and connected relationship.

Module 6 - Common Problems and Solutions

Overcome common roadblocks and setbacks that may arise in your relationship with an avoidant partner. Learn to navigate these challenges constructively as you progress together, fostering a stronger, more fulfilling connection.

Module 7 - Q&A and Next Steps

Review key takeaways, get expert answers to common questions, and learn how to practically implement the course learnings in your daily life. Empower yourself to build and maintain a loving, fulfilling relationship with your avoidant partner.

5 Practical Exercises Modules

to help you turn all the information you’ve received into actionable strategies you can apply in many situations:

Module 2 - Exercise 1: Depersonalizing Behaviors

This module aims to help you understand avoidant behaviors in your partner through the lens of survival mechanisms rather than personal attacks. By depersonalizing these behaviors, you can increase your levels of empathy and understanding, which are crucial for nurturing a healthy relationship with an avoidant man.

Module 3 - Exercise 2: Risk Factor Communication

This exercise focuses on establishing core principles, goals, and communication strategies within the relationship. By openly discussing these topics with your avoidant partner, you can create a relationship contract that promotes fairness, trust, and mutual understanding.

Module 4 - Exercise 3: Knowing Your WHAT, WHY, and HOW OFTEN

This module focuses on identifying and articulating your needs clearly and measurably. By using the WHAT, WHY, and HOW OFTEN method, you can communicate your needs effectively to your avoidant partner, fostering a better understanding of your emotional needs.

Module 5 - Exercise 4: Modeling How to Share Challenges and Working through Them

This exercise guides you through the process of bonding with your avoidant partner by offering a step-by-step approach to sharing a specific challenge you're facing.

Follow this approach to encourage your partner to become more open and supportive while also strengthening your bond through reciprocal sharing.

BONUS: 1 Emotional Regulation & Discipline Audio Exercise

This guided emotional regulation audio exercise is used extensively in practical psychology as a powerful relaxation technique to help you manage emotional challenges, decrease agitation, and gain control over your emotions.

Use it as often as needed to return to your own center and gain confidence as you create a healthier relationship dynamic.

Adam Lane Smith The Attachment Specialist



I left my therapy practice in 2021 to spread the message of secure attachment online.

I believe that repairing the way we learn to give and receive love is the best antidote to loneliness, hopelessness and heartbreak.

Over 500,000 people on social media have embraced this message. Together, we’re fixing the world one relationship at a time.



I left my therapy practice in 2021 to spread the message of secure attachment online.

I believe that repairing the way we learn to give and receive love is the best antidote to loneliness, hopelessness and heartbreak.

Over 500,000 people on social media have embraced this message.

Together, we’re fixing the world one relationship at a time.

Adam Lane Smith The Attachment Specialist




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Why The
‘How to Love An Avoidant Man’

I know you might have questions before taking the leap.

Let’s address them together:

It’s Faster, Smarter, & More Affordable than Traditional Therapy:

This course is a faster, more practical, and significantly more cost-effective alternative to traditional couples therapy. Encompassing my 15+ years of experience as a therapist and coach, it gives you the practical skills, knowledge and tools you need to build a sustainable, loving romantic bond without the ongoing expense and disruption of long-term therapy sessions.

It’s Designed Specifically for You:

"How to Love an Avoidant Man" is specifically designed for people like you, in relationships with partners who exhibit avoidant attachment styles. It's not a generic communication course, but a targeted approach to understanding and navigating this specific dynamic.

It’s Proven, Effective, and Based on Years of Experience

I’ve coached and worked with avoidant men for over 15 years who have transformed their lives, relationships, and attachment styles using the skills, tools, and resources I will provide here. This course is based on proven strategies that have helped countless relationships.

Still Unsure?
See How Others Have Benefited:


What exactly is avoidant attachment?

Avoidant attachment is an attachment style where someone fears intimacy and commitment. They often pull away emotionally when things get serious, leading to feelings of confusion and insecurity in their partner.

What materials are included in the course?

The course itself consists of 7 videos. You’ll also receive 5 PDF exercises, plus a bonus audio exercise to preferably do with your avoidant man, as well as an emotional relaxation and regulation audio exercise just for you.

What if my partner refuses to participate in the course with me?

The focus is on empowering YOU. By mastering communication and setting healthy boundaries, you can positively influence the dynamic of your relationship.

While the course can't control your partner's actions, it equips you to create a safe space for open communication and potential change.

Is this course different from regular communication courses?

"How to Love an Avoidant Man" is specifically designed for the unique challenges of avoidant attachment. I will provide you with targeted strategies to understand his behavior, communicate effectively without triggering withdrawal, and foster a deeper connection built on fairness, trust, and safety.

While the course can't control your partner's actions, it equips you to create a safe space for open communication and potential change.

What if I've tried communication tips before, and they haven't worked?

This course goes beyond sharing tips. This course focuses on effective communication techniques specifically tailored to avoidant attachment. You'll learn how to express your needs clearly and in a way that he can understand, avoiding triggers that might lead to withdrawal or accidental heartbreak.

Does the course teach me to manipulate my partner?

Absolutely not! This course focuses on healthy communication, understanding your partner's needs and expressing yours in a way he understands, and setting boundaries to create a balanced connection.

Manipulation has no place in a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Does the course offer any ongoing support?

You can gain access to an online supportive community through the ‘The Attachment Circle’, or by joining our YouTube community where you can connect with others, share experiences, and ask questions.

AND Invest in Your Relationship's Future!