Maximize your productivity during the pandemic, or, Roman McClay was right

My friend Roman McClay (author of the great American novel Sanction) moved himself up to a mountaintop, built a cabin and compound out of shipping containers he modified himself, and focused obsessively into crafting his magnum opus. His third book is about to release, and each volume of the complete story weighs in at 400,000 words.

That’s 1.2 million words total in a single unified story.

Authors gape when they hear this story, but they also get a little misty-eyed as they contemplate Just what would it be like to be able to focus on my books like that? How much would I get accomplished?

Well, folks, COVID-19 has given us the chance to find out. Roman was far ahead of the curve and right on so many topics, and each one of us is now a Roman McClay wannabe.

Corona Log, Day 17: “I’ve isolated myself completely from the outside world, holed up in my barricaded house with survival rations, only glimpsing the outside world when I look through my window to check for marauders. I am forced to focus solely on my books as my only means of work and sanity. If anyone from the outside intrudes on my sanctuary, I must shoot them.”


So the question I pose to my author colleagues is this:


The shutdown absolutely sucks for many people but


Every year we hear about NANOWRIMO and how we’re all going to force ourselves to pump out a novel in a single month.

Now that nothing else can distract you, are you pumping out a novel every month? Are you treating writing like a serious career and making the most of every hour in your day to maximize your daily word count?

Just this morning I added 5,100 words to my newest novel. After writing this, I’m going to pound out a few thousand more. I aim to finish this current book this week, and then I’m rolling straight into the next one.

If you don’t know how to be productive, I published an entire book of writing advice to help authors crank themselves into overdrive called Write Like a Beast. I also included a meaty sample of that book here on this website for free right here. If you need help selling books, check my article here. If you need to tune up your viral content on social media to get more attention, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for connection with your author colleagues who are massively productive right now, check out the Writer’s Accountability Association I put together exclusively for authors who write like they mean to succeed.


The old excuses are gone. If you’re sitting at home every day and still not writing, your problem hasn’t been that you didn’t have time, it’s because you don’t have discipline.

So change that. Take some steps to get back into the swing and churn out writing like you’ve never done before.

You can do this. Pick yourself up and get to work.

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