Behind the Scenes with Burrito Avenger

Release day is here! Burrito Avenger is out in the wild, now for sale on Amazon. Writing this book has been an incredible process. Today we’re gonna peek behind the curtain and talk about what it took to bring this insane story idea to life. Where did this idea come from? The first question I […]

Are Transactional Relationships Bad?

Author’s update: This post has been so tremendously popular that it inspired me to pen a whole series on Transactional Relationships. You can find them listed here. Folks who read my book Exhausted Wives, Bewildered Husbands frequently write in with feedback on the included communication skills. Most are pleased with the setup, but every so […]

I Can’t Do This Anymore: Dealing with Genre Burnout

So very often, we writers get a special idea in our head. “This time,” we think to ourselves, “I want to really wow my readers with a new type of story, something I’ve never written before.” Maybe we watched a particularly good mystery show (Murder She Wrote, anyone?), or we’re getting a horror itch. My […]

It’s Orphan Day! Or, Using the calendar in your setting

No matter what day it is, it’s always a normal day. Stories tend to take place mostly in environments where there’s nothing unusual going on… except for the horrible trauma. The exception to this is stories which take place on a specific, overwhelming holiday which saturates the entire story. We as authors rarely take into account […]