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Adam Lane Smith is an all-American husband and father. He has lived in the North, South, East, and West of the United States.Read More

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Write Like a Beast Deluxe Video Course

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You want to write a book. You want to write it fast, and you want it to be good.

My method is designed to help authors in every genre produce high word counts with relentless stamina. I published 7 books in 2019 with an average review score above 4.5 stars. Authors clamored to learn my method. I mentored some students and their productivity skyrocketed. Next I opened up personal coaching.

Now I’m making my method available to you.

Buying this course instantly unlocks:

  • All 15 Write Like a Beast Deluxe Edition videos totaling approximately 120 minutes
  • The Write Like a Beast Deluxe Edition eBook
  • 4 exclusive custom worksheets designed to help authors boost their productivity and quality
  • 30% off a Writer’s Accountability Association subscription

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish good writing discipline to increase your daily word count
  • Smash six different types of writer’s block
  • Outline your novel with an intuitive and streamlined method
  • Choreograph challenging scenes to crush your weakest areas
  • Edit and proofread like a pro
  • Assemble a winning cast of characters
  • Plot a novel easily from start to finish
  • Find new ideas to excite your readers
  • Harness your mental abilities to reach new levels of discipline
  • Crank your productivity into overdrive with author mindset tips
  • Write nonfiction guides readers will adore and recommend to friends
  • Write viral content online
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and get your books done

Check out what my customers are saying:

“I have been plumbing online writing resources for years and that is probably the single most useful resource I’ve ever had access to. The whole thing is pure gold.” – Walter K.

“Books that promise to raise authors’ productivity are a dime a dozen in the current climate. Instead of the usual tips that amount to, “Work harder,” Smith shares his expertise on working with your brain’s natural processes instead of fighting them. These methods work!” – Brian Niemeier

Grab this course if you want to learn to write fiction and nonfiction at a blistering pace.

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Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross – Just 99 cents!


Demons and Necromancers haunt a burnt and blasted future in the ruins of what was once America.

A holy crusader sworn to slaughter the dark cults of Ba’al the Ever-Hungry must rescue a band of innocent children with his blade and blood-soaked gauntlets, or die trying.

All of Hell thirsts for his blood, but a man of God will never be broken. This holy crusader’s vengeance will be brutal.

The first book in a new heavy metal Christian pulp series.

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Featured Books

My Best Selling Book: Slaying Your Fear

SlayingYourFear WhiteAvailable on Amazon

“My friends just pretend to like me.”

“I toss and turn all night worrying about what I’m gonna say. I even worry about worrying.”

“I always feel so lonely, even when I’m around people. Especially when I’m around people.”

“There’s nothing about me that deserves love.”

Insecurity is a deadly threat. It eats away at you and turns every social engagement into a chance to make a mistake and lose everything. Insecurity runs you down until you’re too exhausted to leave your house and the joy is sucked from your life.

Psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith lays out a comprehensive plan to help individuals combat the effects of insecurity, attacking this personal anxiety at the root. Armed with a host of new tools and perspectives, seize control of your life and finally slay the monster of destructive insecurity.