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Adam Lane Smith is an all-American husband and father. He has lived in the North, South, East, and West of the United States.Read More

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On deck now: The third entry in my Gideon Ira Series, Gideon Ira in Castle Bloodghast.

When you enter Castle Bloodghast, you feel it seething.

This ancient castle is the grave of many a hero. When a fearful angel appears to him in a vision, Gideon is charged to enter the cursed fortress in search of his childhood friend. But demons are the least of the denizens lurking in the heart of the castle. Gideon must battle the fruits of the most depraved genius as he struggles to reach his old friend.

Abominations lurk in every shadow, and the worst atrocities are those committed by bloody human hands. Will Gideon put the corrupted experiments to the torch as they rampage out of control? Will he find a way to escape the curse and free his friend? Or will he break under the unrelenting horror at the heart of the fortress?

Enter Castle Bloodghast, where even angels fear to tread.

Just $5 gets you behind-the-scenes access to this brutal gothic horror novel. New chapters release as I write them. Click here to grab access and jump into the story.

My latest book: Write Like A Beast

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Stop just thinking about writing your novel. Do it.

I published 7 books last year. It’s January and I’ve already got 4 more books in editing.

Do you want to write faster?

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Write Like A Beast was written just for you.

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My Best Selling Book: Slaying Your Fear

SlayingYourFear WhiteAvailable on Amazon

“My friends just pretend to like me.”

“I toss and turn all night worrying about what I’m gonna say. I even worry about worrying.”

“I always feel so lonely, even when I’m around people. Especially when I’m around people.”

“There’s nothing about me that deserves love.”

Insecurity is a deadly threat. It eats away at you and turns every social engagement into a chance to make a mistake and lose everything. Insecurity runs you down until you’re too exhausted to leave your house and the joy is sucked from your life.

Psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith lays out a comprehensive plan to help individuals combat the effects of insecurity, attacking this personal anxiety at the root. Armed with a host of new tools and perspectives, seize control of your life and finally slay the monster of destructive insecurity.

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