Adam Lane Smith

Adam Lane Smith is an all-American husband and father. He has lived in the North, South, East, and West of the United States.Read More

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Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross – Just 99 cents!


Demons and Necromancers haunt a burnt and blasted future in the ruins of what was once America.

A holy crusader sworn to slaughter the dark cults of Ba’al the Ever-Hungry must rescue a band of innocent children with his blade and blood-soaked gauntlets, or die trying.

All of Hell thirsts for his blood, but a man of God will never be broken. This holy crusader’s vengeance will be brutal.

The first book in a new heavy metal Christian pulp series.

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My latest book: Write Like A Beast

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Stop just thinking about writing your novel. Do it.

I published 7 books last year. It’s January and I’ve already got 4 more books in editing.

Do you want to write faster?

Do you want to conquer writer’s block?

Do you want to learn the secrets to unlock powerful discipline and blistering speed?

Write Like A Beast was written just for you.

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