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Adam Lane Smith is an all-American husband and father. He has lived in the North, South, East, and West of the United States.Read More

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On deck now: My hot new series, Neon Knights, is a Christian cyberpunk story set under the ruins of Los Angeles. A demonic apocalypse ravaged the surface, and now humanity huddles in 9 neon-soaked layers of descending caverns deep within the earth where scraps of technology barely hold together. Jax Vega, a grim man with a dark past, spends his perpetual nights as a bouncer at a zero-gravity strip club run by the local syndicate. “Day and night, I’m haunted by the ghost of the stripper whose corpse I helped bury,” Jax says. When the ghost returns, this time armed with heavy firepower, Jax’s neon world turns blood red.

Just $5 gets you behind-the-scenes access to this brutal story of drugs, violence, and faith. Click here to grab access and jump into the story.


My latest book: Write Like A Beast

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Stop just thinking about writing your novel. Do it.

I published 7 books last year. It’s January and I’ve already got 4 more books in editing.

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My Best Selling Book: Slaying Your Fear

SlayingYourFear WhiteAvailable on Amazon

“My friends just pretend to like me.”

“I toss and turn all night worrying about what I’m gonna say. I even worry about worrying.”

“I always feel so lonely, even when I’m around people. Especially when I’m around people.”

“There’s nothing about me that deserves love.”

Insecurity is a deadly threat. It eats away at you and turns every social engagement into a chance to make a mistake and lose everything. Insecurity runs you down until you’re too exhausted to leave your house and the joy is sucked from your life.

Psychotherapist Adam Lane Smith lays out a comprehensive plan to help individuals combat the effects of insecurity, attacking this personal anxiety at the root. Armed with a host of new tools and perspectives, seize control of your life and finally slay the monster of destructive insecurity.

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